Hermes Microneedling Therapy Pen Specifications

Hermes Microneedling Therapy
One Standard Package Contains:
1 Wireless Microneedling Pen
10 Units of 12 point needle cartridges
2 rechargeable batteries
1 USB adapter & AC charger
1 Specifications sheet
Hermes MIcroneedling Pen is wireless and rechargeable.
Apparatus for applying microneedling therapy.
A device for puncturing skin and allowing collagen unduction therapy, also allowing cosmetics to be absorbed.
type of protection against electric shock: Class II Equipment.
Degree of protection against electric shock floating applied part degree of protection against ingress of water: Ordinary equipment: IPXO
Device type: Derma stamp electric pen.
PRoduct Name: Hermes Microneedling Therapy Pen
Adapter: 6V - 300MA (110/220V)
Contains 2 Lithium Batteries
Size: 14.7 x 3.1 cm
Gift Box: 18.5 x 15 x 5.5 cm
One Kit: 1 Derma Pen + 10 Needle Cartridges
Needle Depth: 0.25mm - 2.5mm
How To Operate:
When charging the low battery will be red.
Charge the battery until the light turns blue.
The battery contains  the on/off power button  adjustment of speed.
Press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on/off.
Remove needle cartridge from sterilized packing.
Lock the cartridge by turning it counter clockwise.
Start with .25mm and adjust the needle length according to the treatment.
Remove the needle cartridge by rotating clockwise.
Adjust the needle depth by rotating clockwise for shallow depth, and rotate counterclockwise for deeper depth.
Quickly click the power/adjustment speed buton to change the speed settings from the fastest to the slowest speeds, then it will repeat.
Red Fastest
Purple Fast
Blue Medium
Cyan Slow
Green Slowest.
Do not apply to a person as follows:
Who has acute disease or bloody disease over 38C
Who has allergy and hemophilia
Who has melanosis 
Who has high internal heat
Who regularly visits hospitals
Who takes medicine that are contraindications.
Do not use the device near the place with high temperature, dust, humidity, nor humidifier.  It may cause malfunction.
Do not touch the device nor detach the power cords with we hands.  It may cause electric shock.
Do not use stripped nor propped cord.  It may cause fires.
Do not use the propped cord which has cracks nor scars.  It may cause scar on skin.
Do not leave the device plugged into outlet for prolonged time when not in use.
Replacement parts are available at